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EEP_X_SetTextureText() EEP_X_SetTextureText("Lua_Name",Slot,"Text")
type: function
    EEPStructureSetTextureText( "#1" , 1, "Neustadt" ) 
caller: script
defined in: EEP
parameters: three
returns: one
requires: EEP 14.2 Plug-In 2
purpose: Assignes a new text to a labelable surface of a model.
  • For the type of the model, the _X_ is meant to be replaced by one of the following strings:
    • Structure
    • Rollingstock
    • Signal
    • Goods
    • RailTrack
    • RoadTrack
    • TramTrack
    • AuxiliaryTrack
  • The first argument is the Lua-name of the element. The element number with prefix # is sufficient.
  • The second argument is the id of the surface, that is supposed to display the text. It is due to the model, how many labelable faces are supported.
  • Return value is true if the function was executed successfully, else false.